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Welcome to Girlfriend Kari Wiki!

This is an English Wiki for the popular Japanese mobile game, Girlfriend Beta, also known as Girlfriend Kari (ガールフレンド(仮)) or GF Beta. In this game the main objective is to collect cute cards of various girls, and use them to battle and participate in events to get even more cute cards! It's pretty much an RNG simulator with cute cards and extreme frustration.

This wiki contains information on the original card game, as well as the spin-off games such as Girlfriend Note (ガールフレンド(♪)) and the PS Vita game. Other information on the series, such as the anime and magazine, will also be here.

You can visit the official site of the series to find out more information. Otherwise, if you'd like to jump into the card game immediately, check out the game site. Note that although the game is meant to be mobile, you can access the game on any device as long as you're running Google Chrome as your browser. To start the rhythm game, Girlfriend Note, check out the official site, or visit Mobile App Download to install the game on your Android or IOS device.

All of the games are "separate" from each other in terms of goal and story, so feel free to start playing whatever game you'd like.

Need help with the series? Check out our content below through the Table of Contents! Have questions about the game? Visit our questions page and ask away!

We are currently accepting all contributions and edits! However, you will need to create an account to edit. Please note that currently, account registration is password protected. This is an effort to reduce spambots for the time being. The password can be found on Erina's userpage.

Feel free to join our new discord (chat) group! You can find it here! Have fun discussing all your favorite gfkaris~

Getting Started

Interested in the card game? You can play the game by going to and registering for an account, if you haven't done so already. Make sure that you're using Google Chrome as your internet browser, since that's the only browser that fully works with the game. Note that you can play on any device that supports Google Chrome. As long as you log into the same account, all your previous progress will be shared throughout accounts! Cross-saving is nice, isn't it? You can attend to your girls at any time, anywhere, providing that you have the right devices.

Interested in the rhythm game? You can play the game on Android or iOS by installing the game! Feel free to look around the wiki for more information. Articles about the rhythm game will start with "Rhythm:" in the title, so you can easily distinguish which articles belong to the card game, and which to the rhythm game!

Feel free to check the table of contents below for a more in-depth summary of game mechanics. If you're looking for more of a guide, check out our Walkthrough Project! It's a work in progress done mainly by Erina, but it'll be done at some point! (By the way, help would be appreciated!)

If you're interested in joining the in-game club (for the card game) that this wiki has, contact Erina for more information! We currently have ~5 open slots remaining!

Main page: Event:Current

Girlfriend Kari Event

Currently ongoing club cup event, <insert moonrunes here> is underway!
Event lasts from April 14th 22:00 till April 19th, 22:00 JST

There are D days, H hours, M minutes, S seconds till the end of the event.

Girlfriend Note Event

This game has been shut down.

Main article: Walkthrough Project

Walkthrough pages and listing can be found here. The main goal of these pages is to help new players easily get into either the card game or the rhythm game, while explaining background information about the game. You'll learn how to register for an account, set things up properly, and then the basic game mechanics. The project is currently incomplete, but feel free to utilize whatever is available to your liking!

Card Game

Rhythm Game


Have questions about the game that you want an answer to? Visit the Questions page on this wiki! Feel free to ask your question as a comment, or edit the page itself to add your question. Also, don't be afraid to ask other people around the wiki for questions on how to get started in the game, or just for other tips and pieces of advice. Most of us are here so we can talk with other Girlfriend Kari players!

Main page: Project:Help

Need help with editing and contributing? Feel free to ask other people on the wiki for some quick tips and help. Editing pages on the wiki should be mostly straightforward. There are two options: Visual Editor or Source Editor. Visual Editor, while more server-intensive, allows for you to edit directly on the formatting of the article so you can see the changes you make in real-time. Source editor has you program into plain-text, meaning that you'll have to utilize Wikipedia's Wiki Markup Text in order to format your text properly. It's not that difficult, though, and is definitely more preferred than using Visual Editor.

As a general rule of thumb, use the source editor whenever possible or dealing with non-formatting related issues. Then, use the Visual Editor to format your text properly and easily, and to also add images if necessary. If you follow this general rule, you'll rarely ever run into trouble!

For more information, check the project's help page.

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