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Well, since you're here, you're probably interested in figuring out how to start playing this game.

If you want to play Girlfriend Kari, you can either play on a browser (computer or mobile device) or through the game's mobile app.


Now, the easiest way to play the game is to play on the browser version! By going to on any device with Google Chrome, you can get straight into the game without having to do any sort of installation! Please note that you must use Google Chrome - other browsers will instead redirect you to an information page about the game, and not letting you actually play it.

There is also a mobile app for the game, available for Android and iOS. However, the mobile app is region-locked to Japan, so if you aren't living in Japan and using a Japanese Apple or Google account, you'll have to do some tweaking with your mobile device to install the files. It's not that difficult, but just remember that you can still play the game without installing the app! Just open up Google Chrome on any device that supports it, and go straight to the game site! It's a lot more convenient, and you don't need to be on mobile to play it (although this game is considered a mobile social card game, you can play it on your computer).

When you launch the game for the first time, the game will ask you to create an account. The walkthrough will cover the account creation process on the next page. Make sure to remember the details of your account - all of your progress is saved and tied to that account! This means that you can log into the same account on another device and keep playing with all of your previous progress. This means that accounts are super-important if you want to play on multiple devices! To be concise, with an account, you can play the game ANYWHERE on ANY DEVICE as long as you log in! Your progress will carry over between devices.

Now, you might be wondering: Should I use the browser version, or should I download and play on the app? Well, it's up to you, as there are advantages and disadvantages to both. Of course, you could play on both (as long as you log in to the same account on all devices), so we'll explain both methods of playing below.

Browser Version

This is the easiest and most efficient way to play Girlfriend Kari, because you can play the browser version on a computer! The game tends to lag on older smartphone devices, so being able to play it in a browser on a computer makes the game play a lot more smoothly with less lag than most other mobile devices. It's also easy to access: all you have to do is go to on any device that supports Google Chrome!

I recommend playing the browser version whenever possible since it is the easiest and fastest way to get into the game.

Mobile App

Examples of a bug with artwork in the browser edition
This is what some cards may look like in the app. As you can see, the cards are being censored!

The mobile app has both disadvantages and advantages to the browser version. It's up to you to decide whether or not installing the app is worth it!

Girlfriend Kari has two point values that recharge over time - a normal stamina and an attack stamina. In order to keep playing the game, you have to have a certain number of stamina remaining. Whenever you play, you'll lose normal stamina or attack stamina depending on what you do. These values recharge over time. More will be explained about this later in the walkthrough, as this is just a really brief summary.

With the App, you'll get handy notifications about when your stamina has been refilled, and when new events or content has arrived. This is really useful if you plan to be a pretty hardcore player on the game - it'll make sure that you'll never miss out on any events, and that you'll never be wasting any stamina. You'll always know exactly when you have more stamina to use again on the game!

However, there is a lot of censorship in the app! This is mostly for cards that show a bit too much skin, which actually ends up being quite a bit of the cards. Apple's app store is pretty strict when it comes to showing skin, so even the slightest (such as girls in swimsuits) will have been censored. Some cards have edited artwork (as in the card zooms in to the face instead of showing the girl's entire body), while others are just completely censored as a gray card with a prohibited sign in the middle. This can get pretty frustrating, as you're playing the game for the art!

In my opinion, the browser version runs better, faster, and allows you to see every card with no censoring. The app does provide for occasional handy notifications, so installing both wouldn't be a bad choice. All in all, it's up to you!

To summarize, while the mobile app has its advantages, the browser version is more recommended because its more compatible with game mechanics and it's a lot easier to start up - all you have to do is visit the game website!

If you would like to install the mobile app, visit the Installation page for more information. If not, just go on to the next page: Setting Up!