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Center Girl is the one who dances through the song. Each girl has an 10% bonus while playing a song they're good at. You start off managing one Center Girl, and as your player level increases, you can manage more.


By improving your 'Good Friend Level' with your Center Girls, you will be able to increase the clothing bonus when playing songs with the Center Girl in question.

An example of the Center Girl screen, showing Nonoka Sasahara.

Breakdown of Elements

  1. Stats - name, seiyuu, description, school year; profile; favorite girl (star at top-right); bottom row: 'Good Friend' rank; 'Good Friend' level; Clothing Bonus Percentage
  2. 'Become Good Friends' - To advance your 'Good Friend' level, you'll need the resources listed in the field. Improvement will cost some amount of Gal as well as some amount of hearts (earned through playing songs of a corresponding color).
  3. 'Dress Up' - select clothing items to equip on your center.
  4. a. 'Men's Hearts' - View how many of each heart type you have. b. Episodes - small narratives concerning the Center Girl. c. Replay - cutscenes concerning the Center Girl. d. 20 Secrets - A small minigame which is currently unavailable. e. Voice - voice clips of your Center Girl.

'Good Friend' rank increases with every five 'Good Friend' levels, and each rank up adds 0.5% to your Clothing Bonus.

Playable girls

First Years

  1. Momoko Asahina
  2. Ichigo Kohinata
  3. Mutsumi Shigino

Second Years

  1. Kokomi Shiina
  2. Akane Sakurai
  3. Tsugumi Harumiya
  4. Miss Monochrome
  5. Haruka Kazemachi
  6. Risa Shinomiya
  7. Matsuri Kagami

Third Years

  1. Chloe Lemaire
  2. Fumio Murakami
  3. Nonoka Sasahara
  4. Erena Mochizuki
  5. Kanata Amatsu
  6. Koruri Tokitani
  7. Saya Kagurazaka