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Missions are tasks that players can complete for rewards like Luck Stones, Gal, Power Mists, and trainer cards. The screen is accessible from the button on the home screen marked ミミッション.

From this screen, there are three tabs: Normal (ノーマル), Total Record (通算レコード), and Achieved (達成済み), where the last tab permits you to review missions you've completed whose rewards you've collected. You can also tap on a mission in the list to get a longer description of the task (translations for these coming... eventually...).

Normal Missions

These missions usually give a Luck Stone reward for completing a fixed task in-game.

Mission Text (Japanese) Mission Text (English Translation) Reward
特別練驟雨をクリアしよう Let's clear a special practice! 150 Luck Stones
本命ガールを設定しよう Let's set a favorite girl! 50 Luck Stones
センターガールのなかよしLvをUPしよう Let's raise your Center Girl's Good Friend Level! 50 Luck Stones
センターガールのなかよしランクをUPしよう Let's raise your Center Girl's Good Friend Rank! 50 Luck Stones
衣装アピールを使おう Let's use a clothing appeal!

(Activate an appeal while playing a song)

50 Luck Stones
カラーで自動編成してみよう Let's try an automatic formation!

(Automatically compose a unit)

50 Luck Stones
日替わり曲のいずれか1曲おクリアしよう Let's clear one of the Side-B Songs! 50 Luck Stones
無料でフレンド勧誘しよう Let's do a free Friend Invitation! 50 Luck Stones
フレンドptを使ってフレンド勧誘をしよう Let's use Friend Points to do a Friend Invitation! 50 Luck Stones
「NPMな彼女デス」をクリアしよう Let's clear "NPM na Kanojo Desu"! 50 Luck Stones
定番曲の内いずれか1曲を全難易度クリアしよう Let's clear all difficulties of a Side-A Song! 50 Luck Stones
ストーリーのstage1を読もう Let's read stage1's story! 50 Luck Stones
センターガールの2人目を勧誘できるようにしよう Let's earn a second Center Girl slot! 50 Luck Stones
ガールとの仲を進展させよう Let's evolve a girl once! 50 Luck Stones
「楽しきトキメキ」をクリアしよう Let's clear "Tanoshiki Tokimeki"! 50 Luck Stones
「楽しきトキメキ」の難易度ムズカシイをクリアしよう Let's clear "Tanoshiki Tokimeki" on Hard! 50 Luck Stones
「全力ヒロイン!」をフルコンボでクリアしよう Let's full combo "Zenryoku Heroine!"! 50 Luck Stones
「NPMな彼女デス」をフルコンボでクリアしよう Let's full combo "NPM na Kanojo Desu"! 50 Luck Stones
「Sewing My MODE」をクリアしよう Let's clear "Sewing My MODE"! 50 Luck Stones
ガールとの仲を最終進展させよう Let's evolve a girl fully! 50 Luck Stones
センターガールの着せ替えをしよう Let's accessorize your Center Girl! 50 Luck Stones
センターガールを勧誘できるようにしよう Let's invite a Center Girl! 50 Luck Stones
センターガールの3人目を勧誘できるようにしよう Let's earn a third Center Girl slot! 50 Luck Stones
最初に選んだセンターガール以外でもPLAYしてみよう Let's play a song with a new Center Girl! 50 Luck Stones
センターガールの得意な曲をPLAYしよう Let's play a Center Girl's specialty song! 50 Luck Stones
日替わり曲のいずれか1曲全難易度クリアしよう Let's clear all difficulties of a Side-B Song! 50 Luck Stones
「未来Episode」をクリアしよう Let's clear "Mirai Episode"! 50 Luck Stones
フレンド申請をしてみよう Let's send a friend request! 50 Luck Stones
ガールをレッスンしよう Let's try a lesson with a girl! 50 Luck Stones
「Smile Day]をクリアしよう Let's clear "Smile Day"! 50 Luck Stones
「全力ヒロイン!」の難易度ムズカシイをクリアしよう Let's full combo "Zenryoku Heroine!"! 50 Luck Stones
「NPMな彼女デス」の難易度ムズカシイをクリアしよう Let's full combo "NPM na Kanojo Desu"! 50 Luck Stones
ガールのかけ声LvをUPしよう Let's level up a girl's skill! 50 Luck Stones
衣装をおしゃれ革命しよう Let's evolve an article of clothing once! 50 Luck Stones
スコアSSランクを達成しよう Let's achieve an SS Score Rank! 50 Luck Stones
フルフルマスターを達成しよう Let's achieve a Full-Full Master!

(Full Combo + Full Mirror Bonus)

50 Luck Stones
【SR野々花と急接近】 「小さなカフェのあの席で」の難接近


[SR Quick Intimacy with Nonoka]

Let's clear "Chiisana Cafe no Ano Seki de" on Hard! (?)

SR Nonoka Sasahara

(Available 29 Feb 2016-?)

Total Record Missions

These are awarded for increasing the total score from the songs you've played.

Score Requirement Reward
100,000 Winter Chime (song)
500,000 Kiyoku Tadashiku? School Days (song)
1,000,000 I Say, I Love (song)
1,500,000 200,000 Gal
2,000,000 Shinka-kei Girl
2,210,000 R Shirabe Narumi (Pink)
2,220,000 R Shirabe Narumi (Yellow)
2,230,000 R Shirabe Narumi (Orange)
2,240,000 R Shirabe Narumi (Green)
2,250,000 R Shirabe Narumi (Blue)
2,710,000 R Shirabe Narumi (Yellow)
2,720,000 R Shirabe Narumi (Orange)
2,730,000 R Shirabe Narumi (Green)
2,740,000 R Shirabe Narumi (Blue)
2,750,000 R Shirabe Narumi (Pink)
2,950,000 R Pink Power MIst
2,960,000 R Yellow Power Mist
2,970,000 R Orange Power Mist
2,980,000 R Green Power Mist
2,990,000 R Blue Power Mist
3,210,000 R Shirabe Narumi (Orange)
3,220,000 R Shirabe Narumi (Green)
3,230,000 R Shirabe Narumi (Blue)
3,240,000 R Shirabe Narumi (Pink)
3,250,000 R Shirabe Narumi (Yellow)
3,500,000 200,000 Gal
3,710,000 R Shirabe Narumi (Green)
3,720,000 R Shirabe Narumi (Blue)
3,730,000 R Shirabe Narumi (Pink)
3,740,000 R Shirabe Narumi (Yellow)
3,750,000 R Shirabe Narumi (Orange)
4,100,000 200,000 Gal
4,210,000 R Shirabe Narumi (Blue)
4,220,000 R Shirabe Narumi (Pink)
4,230,000 R Shirabe Narumi (Yellow)
4,240,000 R Shirabe Narumi (Orange)
4,250,000 R Shirabe Narumi (Green)
4,500,000 200,000 Gal
4,700,000 R Shirabe Narumi (Pink)
4,710,000 R Shirabe Narumi (Yellow)
4,720,000 R Shirabe Narumi (Orange)
4,730,000 R Shirabe Narumi (Green)
4,740,000 R Shirabe Narumi (Blue)
4,950,000 R Power Mist (Yellow)
4,960,000 R Power Mist (Orange)
4,970,000 R Power Mist (Green)
4,980,000 R Power Mist (Blue)
4,990,000 R Power Mist (Pink)
5,210,000 R Shirabe Narumi (Yellow)
5,220,000 R Shirabe Narumi (Orange)
5,230,000 R Shirabe Narumi (Green)
5,240,000 R Shirabe Narumi (Blue)
5,250,000 R Shirabe Narumi (Pink)
5,600,000 250 Luck Stones
5,710,000 R Shirabe Narumi (Orange)
5,720,000 R Shirabe Narumi (Green)
5,730,000 R Shirabe Narumi (Blue)
5,740,000 R Shirabe Narumi (Pink)
5,750,000 R Shirabe Narumi (Yellow)
6,000,000 200,000 Gal
6,200,000 R Shirabe Narumi (Green)
6,210,000 R Shirabe Narumi (Blue)
6,220,000 R Shirabe Narumi (Pink)
6,230,000 R Shirabe Narumi (Yellow)
6,240,000 R Shirabe Narumi (Orange)
6,500,000 250 Luck Stones
6,710,000 R Shirabe Narumi (Blue)
6,720,000 R Shirabe Narumi (Pink)
6,730,000 R Shirabe Narumi (Yellow)
6,740,000 R Shirabe Narumi (Orange)
6,750,000 R Shirabe Narumi (Green)
6,900,000 200,000 Gal
6,950,000 R Power Mist (Orange)
6,960,000 R Power Mist (Green)
6,970,000 R Power Mist (Blue)
6,980,000 R Power Mist (Pink)
6,990,000 R Power Mist (Yellow)
7,000,000 SR Nonoka Sasahara