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Home Screen

This is the home screen that appears when you start the game.

Home screen
  1. Level
  2. Money
  3. Luck Stones
  4. Current EXP/EXP required to next lvl
  5. Stamina
  6. Shop button
  7. Event
  8. Mission
  9. Play


Menu Screen

Play - Go to the song selection menu

Solicitation - Go to the gacha screen

Unit Setting - Set your unit.

Girls - You can do lesson/evolve or graduate the girls on this menu.

Dressing Room - Level up or sell your clothes on this menu.

Center Girl - Communicate and level up the closeness of your center girls on this menu.

Shop - Refill stamina/increase the card slot and purchase Luck Stones on this menu.

Friend - Check/add/accept friend on this menu.

Profile - Check your profile on this menu.

Other - You can get the transfer code on this menu.

House button - go to the home screen.

Gift box - receive presents here.

(i) - latest information and updates.

Gear button - Change the settings.


Audio Setting

Audio setting.jpg

Audio settings affect the whole game.

  • Text speed display : Slow/Medium/Fast
  • BGM Volume
  • Sound Effect volume
  • Voice volume

Graphic Setting

Graphic setting.jpg

Graphic settings will only affect the song gameplay.

  • Quality - let the game adjust the setting for you, this will not affect the graphic quality.
  • Shout cut-in - enable/disable character cut-in when skill is activated.
  • Appeal cut-in - enable/disable cut-in when costume appeal is activated.
  • 3D - Use 3D while performing/playing songs (does not affect home/center girls/etc)
  • Hit Letter position - Adjust whether the hit accuracy (Perfect/Great/...) shows at the top of the screen or the bottom.
  • Effects - Small/Medium/Large
  • Tap Timing - adjust the timing for button tap. This is pretty much timing calibration.


Notif note.jpg

This will affect the notifications that the app will show you.