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Welcome to Girlfriend Kari Wiki's Privacy Policy page! I'm assuming that most of you here are probably not that interested in what a page like this has to offer, but are rather more interested in learning about how to play the game and make your waifu top tier.

While that's all fine and dandy, at the end of the day, there's still something quite serious and important with every wiki that is made through MediaWiki and the Wikimedia Foundation: Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

This is the privacy policy.

Our privacy policy extends from Wikimedia Foundation's original privacy policy which applies, without exception, to all wikis created using software provided by Wikimedia Foundation, including MediaWiki.

Below, you will see a brief summary of these policies. If you would like to read more pertaining to this topic, please visit the Privacy Policy located on Wikimedia Foundation's website.


A huge part of the system and how wikis work is the fact that all of them are meant to participate in the Free Knowledge Movement. Thus, you may read, edit, or use any article on this wiki without having to register for an account. You, however, must have an account in order to upload images. You can also register for an account without having to provide a email address or a real name.

Please do remember that any content that you add or change on this (and most) wikimedia sites are publicly and permanently available. Even if you delete changes that you make, the history and revision will be stored indefinitely on the server (until a purge has been made). Anything you state or write can and will be held against you if necessary.

If you make an edit or change while not logged in, your IP address will be logged, and the change will be attributted to that IP address. Abuse of the wiki's Terms of Service, or abuse of the services as a whole in any way, shape, or form may and probably will result in an indefinite ban. This includes but is not limited to the intentional destruction of information on the wiki, intentionally supplying false information, loading spam into articles, and spam-flooding the server with images.

Please note that information is collected when the following occurs:

  • Make public contributions.
  • Register an account or update your user page.
  • Use the Wikimedia Sites.
  • Send Wikimedia Foundation emails or participate in a survey or give feedback.

Note that Girlfriend Kari Wiki's current email is a no-reply email, as the server is unable to receive incoming mail. Any messages sent to the server should be inaccessible, but sending mail implies that you wish for the receiver to be able to see it. Any information in that email will be "technically available to the public."

Those that do not agree with any portion of the privacy policy must refrain from using Wikimedia Sites.

For more information on this lengthy topic, please visit Wikimedia Foundation's fully outlined Privacy Policy.