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Welcome to the wiki/server news section of the site. The server that hosts Girlfriend Kari Wiki is primarily maintained by User:Erina.

Server Status

STABLE! Downtime will either be announced on twitter or in the discord. Daily downtime may occur at around 1AM EST for roughly ten minutes.

Server News

Currently accepting all contributions! If you have anything to contribute, or want to help out by editing articles, or just joining as a member of the community, feel free to make an account and get started! Account creation, however, is protected by a password. The password is the first name of a girl who really likes strawberries.

Also, more admins will be necessary in the due future. If you've played Girlfriend Kari or Girlfriend Note for a while and are pretty familiar with all the concepts, talk to User:Erina or come join our Discord server (link is on the front page)!

The future of this wiki is to become much more exhaustive and extensive than the previous Wikia. Feel free to add information about the anime, merchandise, girls, and more. However, please note that a separate database is being developed to organize cards and sprites of the girls in the game. Thus, please do not upload too many pictures of the cards to the wiki, unless they are being used to explain some in-game concept or mechanic. You are allowed to upload a few card sets (no more than 9 cards) to populate a girl's information page so it's not too barren. But before doing so, please talk to me (Erina) beforehand so I can keep track of how many cards are being put into the wiki. Also, try not to upload too many sprites of the girls as well - one per girl is enough for the time being. This is also because those sprites will be hosted on the new database.

Note that images are still not being fully processed correctly. Broken links will tend to appear when an image is just uploaded, but the problem usually resolves itself within a couple of hours. I have no clue why this issue is happening, but if you need your images to be fixed immediately so you can keep working, send me (User:Erina) a message on Discord or my talk page and I'll quickly reboot some services (which fixes it).

Hardware Notices

A few hardware notes:

  • The current hardware that the server is running on is more than enough to support MediaWiki and its core functions.
  • The current hardware that the server is running on meets the requirements to support VisualEditor and Parsoid.
  • What this means to you: Avoid using the VisualEditor to make edits if you know how to use markup text. Also, don't play around with images too much (as in constantly resizing them, spamming them in various articles, etc.). This causes unnecessary server load.

We have 4GB of RAM now boys, that should be more than enough. But still, if possible, try to use the visual editor sparingly - as in use it only when dealing with formatting, images, or other stylistic properties that would be hard to do so in the source editor. For help with editing, visit Project:Editing.

Also, if you enjoy the wiki and are financially able, consider donating to the site!

Database News

Currently ongoing. If you're in the discord, something cool will show up soon.


The below lists the current changelog to the wiki:

  • 2/12/2015: MediaWiki has been successfully installed.
  • 2/13/2015: VisualEditor has also been successfully installed.
  • 2/13/2015: Main Page has been changed to "Girlfriend Kari Wiki." This is the new main page.
  • 2/14/2015: Logo and favicon have been added.
  • 2/15/2015: Main page has been updated in design and style. Now uses MediaWiki:Common.css to edit design.
  • 2/15/2015: redirects to, for the time being.
  • 2/17/2015: Modules and Templates are now working, along with documentation! I'll add more information on these later.
  • 2/19/2015: Comments can be added to any pages with the comments tag. Just put the word comments in diamond brackets.
  • 3/18/2015: Categories have been added.
  • 3/24/2015: Enabled SSL (more security, but not like we'll ever need it)
  • 10/24/2015: Upgraded to MediaWiki version 1.25.3.
  • 10/25/2015: Added Disqus Integration! Add "{{Comments}}" to a page that you'd like to add Disqus comments to.
  • 7/3/2016: Between today and 10/25/2015, a bunch of other extensions have been added. Starting from this day, all installation of new extensions will be added here.
  • 7/4/2016: Extension MagicNoCache has been installed.
  • 2/11/2017: MediaWiki has been upgraded to 1.27.1 LTS; server has been migrated to a different service and location.

You can check the list of available extensions for use on Special:Version.

Future Updates

Future updates are listed below. Large future updates are bolded.

  • Consider adding extensions for further image reliability support (or as feasible due to constraints in memory)
  • Working on finishing the policy and help pages.
  • Change and add more girls onto the main page (but not so much that they're cluttered). Working on finding good (better) sprites from GF Kari to use, like the Haruka one.
  • Create a database for organizing sprites/cards/images/and maybe also information of the girls. This will be hosted on