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The Girlfriend Kari Wiki is dedicated to the popular Japanese mobile game, Girlfriend Beta, also known as Girlfriend Kari (ガールフレンド(仮)) created by Ameba, a corporation most widely known in Japan for its small card-style mobile games, and more-so known for its blogging service. This game is largely a luck-based collection-based card games, where the cards depict art of various anime girls known to give off a somewhat "cute" and "attractive" presence. It's primarily a game for collectors, utilizing various systems like gachapons and luck-based encounter systems.

The game has grown to be very large in Japan, resulting in an anime series as well as future video games, including a rhythm game and a PS Vita game. Roughly 5 million users have already been registered since 2014, and the number continuously grows. While the card game is known to be primarily mobile, the rapid influx of users caused Ameba to open the game to Google Chrome on PC as well. The game is browser-based, so any device with Google Chrome can access the game by visiting

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