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Welcome to the Girlfriend Kari Wiki! This page begins the start of the walkthrough project for the card game. Yes, this is for the RNG simulator, not the rhythm game. For the rhythm game walkthrough project or for more information on the walkthrough project as a whole, visit the page Walkthrough Project.

The fact that you're on this page must mean that you're interested in getting started with the game! Why should you be interested in this game, you ask? Well, there's a ton of cute anime girls in the game! You have over 50 girls and currently over 6,000 available cards of varying rarity and artwork. Most of the girls are also voiced by famous voice actresses (like Yui Ogura, Tamura Yukari, Kugimiya Rie) too! If you're interested in anything I've said previously, then why don't you give this game a shot? It's easy to set up and get going with your glorious waifu simulator.

However, the game is entirely in Japanese and contains a lot of features and menus. As daunting as the game might seem at first, it's actually relatively simple to understand. You need very little to no Japanese knowledge to begin playing, as many people have played and learned the mechanics of the game through pure Google Translate and trial-and-error. As large as this game seems with its large amount of events and content, most of it is fairly similar and can be navigated pretty simply. That doesn't go to say that the game isn't addicting, though, so be prepared to spend a good portion of your time on this!

With the help of this wiki and this walkthrough, you'll definitely make it through the game. And of course, if you ever get stuck or confused at one point, feel free to leave us a message! You can use the disqus comments on the main page, or just message Erina or any other registered member. We're all here to help, and make sure you have fun with your waifus.


So, without further ado, let's get serious!

This page begins the "walkthrough" of the game. Some set-up information, basic game mechanics, and starting tips will be provided in this walkthrough. At the end of each page will be a link that directs you to the next page of the walkthrough. The purpose of the walkthrough is to easily guide new players into starting the game by explaining the basic concepts and navigation of the game. Sadly, the walkthrough is currently still a work in progress, meaning that the content is not yet finished. The walkthrough currently explains up until the end of the game's own in-game tutorial. After that point, you'll be dropped head-first into the game to experiment around, and use the rest of the individual pages of the game mechanics to carry you on forward.

Thus, this walkthrough only covers the mere basics of the game mechanics. If you'd like a more in-depth explanation of some of the game mechanics, try checking the Table of Contents on the main page regarding the card game. For more specific information on the game or for info on time-limited events, feel free to look around the wiki - or ask someone for more information! If you have information that you'd like to share, feel free to contribute!

And finally: further guides are currently being planned and developed. Erina plans to have more guides explaining how to perform well in the game, and covering basic game strategy to help you get to level 30. Want a status update, or want the next page to be created faster? Go bother Erina and bribe him with SSR cards until he finally starts working.

So, let's head on over to the next page, where the game will be introduced in large detail.

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