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Welcome to the Walkthrough Project! More updates will come in the near future.

This page summarizes and gives more information on the current plans to create a more in-depth walkthrough/tutorial on how to get started with the game, as well as guides to help you do better throughout the GF Kari games, and perform better during events. The walkthrough project is built mainly for the original card game, due to its more intimidating and complex features. The rhythm game, on the other hand, is pretty straightforward once you're familiar with the basic gameplay concepts.

This project is still pretty early, and mainly done by Erina. If you have any ideas, suggestions, or want to just contribute to the project in any way shape or form, please feel free to contact Erina.

Want to help create a guide to help players of any type, such as newbies, veterans, or just anyone in general? Feel free to create a page and write up your article, and put a link to it in the section, User-submitted Guides, below! Any help would be greatly appreciated!


The walkthrough project's main goal is to help new players to get a head start in the game, by explaining various game mechanics through a guided ordered-process. What the walkthrough hopes to achieve is that new players can easily follow the tasks written to understand the main aspects of the game in order to learn how to play without having to actually know any Japanese. This saves a lot of time working with Google Translate or through trial-and-error. This is more of a guide than the individual pages in the wiki that explains every part of the game mechanics individually.

Of course, the project applies more to the card game than the rhythm game, but don't fret! We'll include basic tutorials on how to get started with the rhythm game as well. However, most of the guides below (in the future, at least) will be focused on the card game. After all, there's much more to write about and explain in the original card game!

Stay tuned for more progress.

Future Plans

Card Game

Future goals for the card game include writing up tutorials for more complex objectives, including tips on how to perform better in events, and tips on playing while at a higher level (60+ or so). This is more of a long-term goal, however. Will probably continue writing the tutorials after event descriptions are finished for the 4 types of main events (probably mid-February).

An update to the previous walkthrough pages may also be necessary - this quality check will be finished before 1/14/2016.

Rhythm Game

Future goals for the rhythm game is to start writing the tutorial! Thanks to 7thspacevelocity, we have working tutorial guides already written that are just waiting to be transferred. This will all be done shortly...

Table of Contents

Card Game

Rhythm Game

User-submitted Guides

Nothing here yet...