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Luck Stones are the premium currency in the game, much like SIF's Loveca or SS's Star Jewels, though the increments are more in line with the latter.

Luck Stones can be used to increase the number of cards/clothes you can hold, to refill your Stamina, or, most significantly, to do Miracle Solicitation draws!

You can buy them with real-life money, or...

How to Earn Luck Stones

  • Complete Main Story Chapters [each chapter gives 50x, start of each section gives 250x]
  • Complete Center Girl Story Chapters [each chapter gives 50x]
  • Complete Missions [50x-250x]
  • Login Bonuses [50x-250x]
  • Complete Songs on Easy+Normal+Hard (must be all three for a single song) [50x]
  • Complete Songs on Expert [50x]
  • Play Goals (Play a song on Hard/Expert 100 times, Full Combo an Expert song) [50x]
  • Furu Furu any song on any difficulty for the first time (furu furu meaning beat the song with full mirror bonus and full combo) [10/20/50/100 depending on difficulty]
  • Event Point Rewards [gives 50x every so often]