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Main Function

One of the main ways to add a new girl to your collection is by using a cupid. There are three types of free cupids that the player can use that summons a girl using friendship points, the daily free cupid, or a cupid ticket.

How to Use Friendship Points

Cupid friendship.PNG

To summon a girl using a cupid, you must access the cupid tab from menu and then click the bow and love arrow icon. You can also access the tab from the home-screen or below the girl's picture with same bow and love arrow icon at the button.

1.Single Summon - You can summon one girl using 200 friendship points

2.Multiple Summon - You can summon between 2 and 10 girls by using between 400 and 2,000 friendship points. The amount of girls you can summon at a time is limited not only by how many friendship points you have, but also the amount of room you have left in your card inventory.

There is a small chance of getting HN rarity cards and low chance to get R rarity cards.

You can have up to one billion friend points in your inventory. Don't let it pile that high!

How to Use the Free Daily Cupid

Every day at 4 A.M. Japan Standard Time, you can use the friendship points cupid for free. Use it once a day for a free Cupid Spin. You will only obtain one card from this.

How to Use Cupid Ticket Points

Cupid ticket2.PNG

Summoning a girl using tickets is similar to summoning via friendship points. The cupid ticket tabs are below the friendship points section, so you will need to scroll down a bit. Here is the preview of the menu. The menu is usually listed at the right-most tab and you can see how many tickets you have left.

Like the friendship points option, there are single and multiple summoning options. When you use a cupid ticket, the girl will go to your gift box instead of going straight into your card inventory. This allows you to use as many tickets as you want regardless of how full your card inventory is, as long as your gift box doesn't become full.

Cards it will give range from Rare to HR to even a SSR which the chance rate is very low. Be sure to keep an eye to the cupid before the cards appear, it reflects on what highest rarity card will appear.

Cupid tickets can be obtained from daily rewards or events. Friendship points are obtained by sending comments to your friends or by daily rewards and events.