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What is a date?

If you have a date ticket you can date the girls. You can make date appointments a week in advance, but also for the current day. On the day of the date, the girl you date will be put in your deck and will give you some advantages in battle (Her atk and def will be boosted by about 60% or so, I used [ザ・パンクス]黒川凪子(HR) as a reference here). Even if you don't do any battles your date ticket will still be consumed. The effect lasts from 0:00 am ~ 23:59 pm of the appointment day. You can't date more than one girl in a day (You can make multiple date appointments in a day though). When you make a date appointment, you can also catch a glimpse of the girl on the phone and hear her voice over the phone if she is R-rank or above. When a battle scene ends, she will call out to you. Last but not least, you will get a bonus HR card after dating 5, 10, 15, 25, girls and so on. To claim it, simply go to your Collection page.

How to make a date appointment?

You can make date appointments from the schedule notebook (right of the Scenario's icon in My Page). You need to be using Japanese locale to be able to properly use the dating feature. On a phone (Android), use the Custom Locale app to change your locale to Japan. On a computer, I'd suggest try installing for Chrome and change your locale to Japanese in the extension options, at least it works for me. If it still not working try going to Control Panel -> Region -> change to Japan.

How to get a date ticket?

You can get date tickets from events. daily bonuses, smile cupids, and when you get a top rank in class rank (Rank 1 gets 2 date tickets & Rank 2 gets 1 date ticket).

Where to change the girls' nickname?

You can change a girl's nickname when you want to make date appointment with a girl by tapping この子の呼び方を変更. Otherwise you can change a girl's nicknames from the girl's detailed page and tap この子の呼び方を変更 when you can't or don't want to make a date appointment. (To access a girl's detailed page, go to ガールズ and tap the card's picture)