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Example of costume set

Clothes will increase the performance of your unit and alter the appearance of center girl in 3D mode. Like the girls card, clothing items also separated by color and will boost the color performance.

Clothing item separated into 3 category: hat, body and leg. Each part will have it's own appeal that you can choose and activate during gameplay (only 2 may choosen for play). You can obtain clothes from Miracle Solicitation or event. To level the clothes Power Mist or other clothing item is required, Power Mist can be obtained by playing Expert level song or Friend Solicitation. Power Mists can also be obtained as rewards from events; at higher point levels, Appeal Power Mists can also be obtained, which (presumably) increase the appeal stat of clothing items.


Revolution is a new mechanic that was introduced in the January 31, 2016 update. As of this update, you now have a chance to earn colored stars from playing songs. Just like the hearts used for center girls, there are 3 types of star for each color, referred to as 'Miracle Sense'. Miracle Sense can be used to evolve your clothing through the Revolution process, now the second option in the Clothing Room. Like evolving a girl's card, there are three stages to each article of clothing, costing more Miracle Sense and Gal in order to improve the limits of the clothing item's stats.