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Episode Overviews

The official site for the anime can be found here.

Season One

Episode One : The First Promise

Heading to morning practice before the big meet, Rhythm Gymnastics Club's Kokomi Shiina rubs at her tired eyes. While rehearsing in the gym, she meets Chloe Lemaire who, upon leaving, drops a photo...

Thinking it must be a precious to her, Shiina searches all over Seio High School for Chloe. Though she asks for other students' advice on where to find her, Chloe always seems to be one step ahead, and Shiina finds her simple errand quickly turning into a day-long expedition.

Episode Two : Blue Melonpan

Insisting she needs to bulk up before the tournament, Shiina's mother makes her an extravagant breakfast. Shiina, however, begins to feel self-conscious about her weight and sees her weight in unrelated glances and conversation in her surroundings at school.

In the end, unable to concentrate on practicing, she decides to seek out others' advice...

Episode Three : A Camera and Shortcake

Fumio Murasugi and Erena Mochizuki are such opposites that most students can't understand how they became good friends. So, when asked, Erena thinks back on how it all started, and explains...

Episode Four : Cats and a Rainy Night

While walking to Seio High School, Akane Sakurai stumbles upon Isuzu Shiranui, who is crouching over an abandoned box of kittens! With neither of them able to take any of the kittens home, Akane takes charge of the problem and decides to use her time on the radio to ask her fellow students if any of them would be able to adopt one of the kittens.

She finds just enough takers, but upon asking their parents for permission, four of the five are given ultimatums...

Episode Five : Darjeeling with Everyone

During lunch period in the school cafeteria, students are very busy buying food. Student Council President Kanata brings up the management of the school cafeteria to the rest of the student council. Risa, who is usually always swayed by Kanata's whims, tries to somehow discourage her this time, but every member of the student council has persisted and struggled to keep the school cafeteria open. But Kanata, who works at her own pace, is going to have to help out...

Episode Six : Sweet Bitter Potato

Momoko of the band club, with Yuzu, sees food lined up at the school store, but the sweet potatos she was looking for aren't there. When she becomes depressed, she meets with Naigko-senpai, who is also in the band club. Calling her "Nagiko-chan-senpai" as usual, like she would to an older person, the two have a conversation. That Momoko hears Haruka talking about Momoko's way of speaking to Nagiko. A reflective Momoko tries to change herself, but... on the other hand, Akari of the occult club finds an encrypted writing in the old activity records. That encryption is...

Episode Seven : Doggy & Scramble

Mahiro Natsume of the literature club was writing her novel in the library, having just finished her zine manuscript. She had been repeatedly writing and rewriting to make it better every time, in writing her novel little by little, since she was in elementary school. Fumio Murakami, who was watching that situation, wants to read the novel and make suggestions. With Fumio's behavior afterwards, how will Mahiro's novel end??

Episode Eight : On the Other Side of the Cream Soda

Before Kokomi Shina's national finals, Seio High School is excitement throughout the school. Kokomi intently awaits the event, but she is receiving consultation from her gymnastics club advisor Ema Fukami, who thinks she should perform at a higher degree of difficulty. Kokomi's cautious personality hesitates to take on a new challenge. She loses to the feeling of wanting to finish the tournament without fail, entering the touranment too defensively, thinking of what has been said to Ema.

Episode Nine : Evolution Girl

The Cherry Blossom Festival, Seio High School's culture festival, finally begins. While doing the lottery part of the stage, the band club's Neuron☆Creamsoft is on stage. There was supposed to be a competition with a new song for stage success, but the lyrics just aren't coming to Haruka Kazemachi. The Cherry Blossom Festival is coming closer every moment, but is there enough time!?

Episode Ten : Princess & Pride

A contest at Seio High School is finally being held to decide who is the beauty queen of Seio High School! Akane Sakurai of the broadcast committee was asked to be the host. She puts together the special event in the lunchtime broadcast, after her interviews with the triumphant students playing important parts in the competition. But because Akane found out who the winning student is, the moderator goes to Tomo Oshi of the same broadcast committee. However, Tomo is not very good with public appearances...

Episode Eleven : Goodbye a La Mode

After the school's second semester exams, everyone's ready for winter break and Christmas. In such a festive time, Chloe is that one person who's out of sorts. Despite worries throughout the school, Chloe does not reveal why. Exasperated Erena and Kokomi start working to discover the truth. Oh right, that promise from that time... Chloe made it before Christmas, before her trouble telling the truth. What about the true identity of that man? What will become of Christmas??

Episode Twelve : Girlfriend xxx

The Christmas mood has completely disappeared, and now the town is only waiting for the New Year. Chloe and Yulia are curious about the Japanese New Year. Kokomi invites the two of them to her home on New Year's Eve. Fumio and Akane also get together for kadomatsu and rollicking at the shimenawa. And with Isuzu's cooperation, they put on kimono and are off to the shrine for their New Year's visit!