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There are defense and offense battles. For offense battles you'll use your offense selection (攻援センバツ) and for defense battles you'll use your defense selection (守援センバツ). You can fight against the same opponent 3 times a day. If you win a fight, you are awarded men's points and Garu. However, if you lose, you will also lose Garu. After the battle your used defense/offense cost will be subtracted from you current defense/offense cost.

Types of Battles

  • Picture Part Battle (秘蔵写真)
    • Since you can only receive 4 different picture parts for one picture, you will have to obtain the others through battles. You first select the picture part you want to obtain and then choose an opponent you want to obtain it from.
  • Classmate Battle (クラスメイト)
    • You fight against a member of your class. This is only possible during class ranking events. If you win one of these battles you obtain twice as many men's points.
  • Practice Match (練習バトル)
    • You can fight against friends and club members without reducing the current attack and defense cost of both players. You can challenge them on their profile page. Your Garu and men's points aren't affected by these battles and the outcome won't be recorded.
  • Normal Battle
    • If you are on the profile page of another player you can challenge them directly.