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What is Area?

"AREA" is basically the main quest in the game where the player is simulated going to class, and is accessed by clicking the person figure or clicking the number 26 option (The walking figure holding a bag) in the Main UI page. By going to class, the player consumes stamina and gains XP, normally on the same ratio, but new players between level 1-29 in the first 72 hours get 2x XP bonus which is useful to reach at least level 30 quickly.

Area Main Screen

Upon reaching the "Area" screen, the player is greeted with this screen:

Area Main Screen


  1. Current Chapter - The current day section in your quest. Number 1a shows a previously completed chapter
  2. Progress Bar - Your progress of the current section of the day
  3. Stamina, XP, and Men's Point - The negative value shows how many stamina the player will consume, the positive value shows how many XP the player will earn, and the numbers below the stamina and XP shows how many Men's Point player will earn
  4. Rewards - The rewards in this chapter. Question marks shows unrevealed rewards; usually you'll get normal cards and a photo piece. Number 4a in this example shows that all the rewards for the particular chapter is already revealed.

The player shall press the pink "GO!!" button to proceed to the quest

Quest Screen

Quest Screen

This is the screen that the player faces after proceeding to the quest. Basically, all that's needed is to press the "ガンバル." button, this will put the player on progress and move him closer to the flag (As seen on the bar above). Once the player reaches the end of the day section, the player gets into the next day section. Just remember the basic tutorial, one shall keep an eye on the stamina. Also, for each episode, the day sections becomes much longer; while one can blitz through the earlier chapters extremely quick without consuming all the stamina, in later chapters, depending on how one upgrades his/her stamina, it will require more than one full stamina to even progress through the entire day section

The numbers with down arrow is the stamina the player will consume whereas the numbers with up arrow is the XP the player gets each progression. Once the player reaches the end of his third day (12 day sections), one will be confronted by a boss, which should be pretty easy to win against to complete the episode. The rewards for each episode completion is available here

The two grey buttons are the back buttons. The first is back to the quest screen while the second is back to main menu

Episodes list

Episodes Option, showing completed and current episodes

If the player scrolls down to the bottom of the Area main screen, one will see this screen, which basically lists all the episodes that have been completed as well as the one that the player is now in

There are currently 42 known episodes in Girlfriend Kari[1]