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This page was last updated on September 13th, 2016.

The latest version of Girlfriend (Beta) is 4.6.1

The latest version of Girlfriend Note is 1.7.6

Girlfriend Beta / Girlfriend Kari

You can play Girlfriend Kari from any device with Google Chrome by going to! No need to install the mobile app to play the game. Girlfriend Kari is a card collection game.

Official Site

Google Play Store

Apple Store

Version 4.6.1 APK

Girlfriend Note

Girlfriend Note is an entirely different game from Girlfriend Kari. Girlfriend Note is a rhythm game similar to other idol mobile rhythm games (like Love Live School Idol Festival).

Official Site

Google Play Store

Apple Store

Version 1.7.6 APK

Are these links outdated? Contact a contributor/admin, and we'll get them fixed as soon as possible. Want to help out by providing apk and app files for the app? Contact an admin OR post a link in the discussion tab of this page!

Don't have a mobile device, or don't want to use the app? You can also play the game by just going to on any device that supports Google Chrome! This, in my opinion, is a much easier, more efficient way to get started and play the game!

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