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This is the event page for the 45th Club Cup Event in the Girlfriend Kari card game. This page should be transcluded into the Current Events page until the event expires. You can do so by typing in "{{Event:45th Club Cup Event}} into the page.

If you have translation suggestions or content suggestions for this page, please edit the talk page for this page, or use disqus comments. You can also feel free to contact User:Erina. I've written this page mostly by myself as of now. If there is anything that's inaccurate or should be edited/added, please do so! All help is greatly appreciated.

This will become the general event template in the future for club cup events.

Currently ongoing club cup event, <insert moonrunes here> is underway!
Event lasts from April 14th 22:00 till April 19th, 22:00 JST

There are D days, H hours, M minutes, S seconds till the end of the event.

This event acts like normal Club Cup Events as far as we have seen.


You can check the schedule in http://vcard.ameba.jp/clubcup/schedule/list?eventId=44. Please note that all times are in JST (Japan Time, GMT +0900).


Editor note: This sort of information should be expanded on and generalized, then placed into the Club Cup Events page.

The gameplay in this type of event revolves around your teammates! You'll be fighting alongside your fellow club members (or a randomized team of other players if you are not in a club) against another team! Winners will get great prizes - including rare cards!

Every day of the event, your team will be matched with three other teams for battles. The battles start at different times, which you can find under "本日開催の試合". You can find the rest of the schedule in the section above.

During these times, you will have to fight against players of the opposing team! These battles work similarly to normal battles, where you use your attack deck against the opposing player's defense deck. You will be pitted against a random member of the opposing team, and will try to take them down. The more victories you get, the more points your club gets. In the end, the club with the most amount of points win.

It's a pretty simple concept overall - but there are strategies to perform well. We'll go over those later on this page.

What do you do when there's no ongoing battle? You can try filling up your Support Gauge (勧誘サポートゲージ)! This is a side-event to the club cup where you try to convince other girls in the school to support your club while you battle. The mechanics are similar to a typical Raid Event, except you have six hearts (AP) which you can spend to try and convince the girls. The more girls you get to support your club, the higher your gauge will fill!

A full support gauge will let you enter a battle with a 50% combo and attack bonus!

Anyways, we'll explain both section of this event below in more detail.

Support Gauge (Warmup Event)

Note: A lot of the terms that I use in this section are loosely translated. Any suggestions for terms (such as "willingness meter") should go onto the Talk/Discussion page for this page.

When you're not currently in a battle, working on filling the support gauge is a good way to help prepare for battles! A full bar will add a 50% combo and attack bonus for you during the next battle, which is incredibly helpful to take down those opponents with a bit more defense than your attack deck can normally handle! You can also get three copies of an event SR card by participating in this mini-event!

Filling up the gauge requires you to go around the school looking for other girls to help cheer on your team. However - you have to convince the girls to cheer for you! In order to do so, you'll need to spend AP (hearts) on the girl to try and convince them to support you during battle.

The Support Gauge mini-game is played in rounds, each round containing 3 areas. The different areas contain different girls, filtered by year. In this case, the first area seems to only have first-year girls, second area with second-years, and third area with third-years. After progressing through all three areas, you move on to the next round. Each round gets progressively more difficult, so make sure to stay on top of your game!

On the main screen of the Support Gauge side-event, click on the red button to go look for girls!

The UI for finding girls is similar to the Area/School parts of the game, or the "hunting for enemies" in the Raid Events. Click on the "さがす" (Search!) button to look for girls. To see which girls can be found in this area, click the long rectangular red button under your stats (stamina and experience). This will show you the nine girls that can be found in this area! For this event, the first area will be all first-year girls.

Once you find a girl, you can choose whether or not to convince her. If you choose to try convincing her, you will be taken to a screen where you must try to convince the girl to cheer you on during battle! Use your AP (the six hearts) to convince the girl by filling up their willingness meter at the bottom! Each heart will do an amount of convincing based on the power of the main 5 cards in your attack deck. Hearts will regenerate at a certain rate, but you can always use an Attack Stamina bottle to recover all your hearts at once. You can also use a bottle to unleash a powerful convincing speech - it'll do as much damage as 8 AP (hearts) combined! This will be useful for girls that require a lot of convincing.

Once you fill up the girl's willingness meter at the bottom, you have successfully convinced the girl to cheer you on in battle, and you'll gain some points to your support gauge! Once your support gauge fills up once, it will reset back to zero so you can fill it up another time! This will allow you to stock up support effects for multiple future battles rather than just one! Every time you fill up the support gauge to 50, you will gain the support effect for one battle. Thus, if you fill up it up 5 times, you will get the effect for the next 5 future battles!

Now, in order to progress to the next area, you must convince the "leader girl" in that area to support you in battle. The leader girl for the first area is Yuzuko Hazuki, the leader for the second area is Matsuri Kagami, and the leader for the third area is Saya Kagurazaka. However, you can't find the leader girl just by looking for girls - you have to summon her after already convincing the other girls in the area to support you in battle! After you summon the leader girl, you have to convince her to support you in battle. Leader girls are much harder to convince than normal girls, so you might want to use stamina bottles for the x8 convincing multiplier!

Let's look at the list of nine girls that can be found in the area again. The top row are orange-star girls, or rare girls! These girls are harder to convince to support you, but in order to summon the leader girl, you must have convinced all three rare orange-star girls first. These girls, however, are harder to find than the other girls. However, if you manage to convince all the other normal girls in an area, these rare girls will become easy to find! Thus, it might be a viable strategy to actually convince every girl you meet to support you, rather than waiting until you find a orange-star rare girl.

Thus, in short: to progress to the next area, you must summon and convince the leader girl of the area. You can summon her by convincing all three orange-star rare girls to support you during battle first. But since the rare girls are hard to find, it might be nice to convince all the other common girls first - so that you can find rare girls easily later!

There are three areas to each round, with each area becoming more difficult than the last. After beating the third area, you will get a reward SR for the event. You can then do the three areas again (this will be round two), for a second copy, and repeat for a third. For this event, you can only get three copies of the event SR this way. Further rounds will result in other rewards. Please note that every progressive round gets more difficult, so be prepared!

By participating in the Support Gauge mini-event, you can also receive SR cards! For every round that you complete (meaning progressing through three areas), you will receive a copy of an SR card. You can do this three times to get three copies of the SR card. However, please note that the girls become progressively harder to convince - so you might have to spend quite a few stamina bottles in order to accomplish this not-so-easy task!


When it's actually time for a battle, it's time to fight against a rival team! Your team members (which are your club members or random other players if you don't have a club) will face off against individual members of the rival club. Opponents will be randomized, so best of luck!

Battling works the same as normal - your attack deck will go up against the opponent's defense deck. If your attack deck deals more damage than the opponent can defend against, you win! You can see your estimated attack (before senbatsu and other bonuses are applied) when you select your deck. The auto-builder generally works, but it's best to customize your deck manually for extra bonuses. A page for this will eventually be created on the wiki, so hang tight!

Some teams, however, have a flag! Clubs can purchase flags for a sum of money from their club options/shop. The flag is one-time use, meaning that you have to purchase one each time for a battle that you want to use it on. After you use it for the battle, it will disappear. The flag acts as a point inhibitor for the opposing team - while it's active, the opposing team gains less points from victories. However, the opposing team can choose to attack the flag to try and destroy it. The flag has an HP bar, and will stay active until it reaches zero. Although flags are great for preventing opponents from using all their strength against your team members, they do use quite a bit of the club funds - so use them wisely!

Now, while actually attacking rival opponents, there are a few options. You can attack your opponent with an auto-pre-determined value of attack based on how much attack stamina you have remaining, or you can attack with one of your decks. You can use attack stamina bottles to recover stamina, or use them to unleash an all-out attack using your full attack stamina! I'm not sure what the bonus on this attack is exactly. Note that if you want to maximize your number of victories (some rewards can only be obtained with 100 individual victories or similar conditions), use an attack deck that costs just a little over your opponent's defense stat. This means that you may be able to attack multiple times per full amount of attack stamina!

Note: the attacking methods section above was mostly from memory/speculation. If anybody wants to expand on it/make changes to it, feel free to do so, or mention it on the Talk page!

Sometimes, you may reach an opponent that has an absurdly high defense stat - you know you have no chance of beating them! For example, your attack stat is roughly 250, but your opponent has over 400 defense! If you know you're going to lose, you can press the rectangular red button to switch opponents. This costs 30 stamina (normal stamina, not attack stamina) to do. However, sometimes this option won't be avaliable to use! This means that the opponent you are up against is a DEFENSE CAPTAIN. Clubs can assign defense captains to help improve their survivability. You cannot switch opponents if you land on a defense captain - you must attack him to proceed. It doesn't matter if you win or lose, you just have to attack him to switch opponents. Defense captains generally have absurdly high amounts of defense, so this may end up being a guaranteed defeat. However - your opponent will switch afterwards!

But keep the following in mind: defense captains have a skill that, when activated, prevents the opposing team from switching out opponents for five minutes! Keep an eye out for this effect on the UI when in battle!

Attack captains (similar to defense captains, can be appointed to the position in a club, are usually members with high attack) also have skills that can be used to power up the total attack of the team.

Club leaders can use their "Leader Song" to provide a massive stat and point boost for the whole club! Use these skills effectively to crush your opponents! But be careful - don't let your opponents outwit you!

Finally, if your attack is really low, you can always choose to attack the opposing team's classroom instead! This method uses all your stamina and gives less points, but it's better than always being defeated.

Instead of battling, you can also do a "Quest/Area"-like thing to look for helpful buffs for your team. This plays similarly to the normal School/Area section of the game. You may stumble upon attack stamina recovery items, attack bonuses, team point up bonuses, and more! This is useful if your attack is low but you still want to contribute to your team.

If anyone would like to edit/expand upon these mechanics, feel free to do so! This is a rough draft in the making! Erina (talk) 19:10, 23 January 2016 (EST)


The card rewards and petit girls will be listed below.


The following are the cards available from this event:

[?] Mahiro Natsume | [新歓17]夏目真尋

  • The top reward for this event, and also the hardest to get. You and your team need to place well in the final rankings to have a shot of obtaining her.
  • Base Rarity: SR
  • Type: COOL
  • MAX Attack: 10436 - MAX Defense: 9162
  • 3MAX Attack: 21792 - 3MAX Defense: 19154
  • 4MAX Attack: 22293 - 4MAX Defense: 19595
  • Cost: 18
  • Ways to get the girl:
    1. Be within the top 200 clubs in the final ranking.
    2. Be within the top 100 clubs in the final ranking.
    3. Be within the top 500 players in the final ranking.
    4. Be within the top 100 players in the final ranking.

[?] Nonoka Sasahara | [新歓17]笹原野々花

  • Base Rarity: SR
  • Type: SWEET
  • MAX Attack: 10082 - MAX Defense: 8847
  • 3MAX Attack: 21044 - 3MAX Defense: 18495
  • 4MAX Attack: 21528 - 4MAX Defense: 18920
  • Cost: 17
  • Ways to get the girl:
    1. 10 point in Lifetime Achievement Award.
    2. Club have 8 or more win points.
    3. Be within the top 10000 clubs in the final ranking.
    4. Be within the top 5000 clubs in the final ranking.

[?] Risa Shinomiya | [新歓17]篠宮りさ

  • Base Rarity: HR
  • Type: POP
  • MAX Attack: 7454 - MAX Defense: 7068
  • 3MAX Attack: 15564 - 3MAX Defense: 14788
  • 4MAX Attack: 15922 - 4MAX Defense: 15129
  • Cost: 14
  • Ways to get the girl:
    1. 5 point in Lifetime Achievement Award.
    2. Club have 3 or more win points.
    3. Club have 5 or more win points.
    4. Be within the top 700 clubs in the final ranking.

[?] Sora Takara | 高良美空

  • Base Rarity: HR
  • Type: POP
  • MAX Attack: 6740 - MAX Defense: 6370
  • Cost: 14
  • Ways to get the girl:
    1. Have 5 or more win points.

Petit Girls

The following are the petit girls available from this event:

[?] Moeka Nitta | [新歓17]新田萌果

  • Base Rarity: HR
  • Type: SWEET
  • MAX Attack: 3846 - MAX Defense: 3194
  • ★★MAX Attack : 5386 - ★★MAX Defense : 4472
  • Ways to get the girl:
    1. Be within the top 400 clubs in the final ranking.
    2. Be within the top 3000 players in the final ranking.
    3. Clear the 2nd lap of solicitation cheer.