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Good day to you all~! At first, I signed up on this wiki for updating the "Girl Scenario Walkthrough" page. But ever since Girlfriend Note is released, I become addicted and dedicated to help this wiki even further than just updating one page only.

What I'm doing here

  1. Monitoring the Wikia (Most of the time, I always logged in to this wiki to check every changes on this wiki. If not, that means I'm busy with real life stuff.)
  2. Small-time Rhythm game contributor

Favorite girl(s)

Personally, I favor ALL the girls on this game. My top 7 is:

  1. Chloe Lemaire
  2. Ichigo Kohinata
  3. Erena Mochizuki
  4. Nonoka Sasahara
  5. Koruri Tokitani
  6. Kanata Amatsu
  7. Yulia Valkova

Experience with the series' games

  1. Girlfriend Kari: First played on December 1st, 2014
  2. Girlfriend (Kari) - Kimi to Sugosu Natsuyasumi: Never played
  3. Girlfriend Note: First played on December 1st 16th, 2015 (I tried playing it on December 1st, but the game's wrecked later that day. So I officially played this game on the 16th since the server is confirmed stable on that date)

Contact info

Lately, I've been active in any other website than this Wikia. So, if you had an account on a same website as I am, you can find me at:

  1. MyAnimeList
  2. Steam

Also, don't bother to send me requests or something like that, since I have trust issues with people on the Internet. I'm deeply sorry about that.