Nonoka Sasahara

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Nonoka Sasahara
Nonoka 1.png
Character Information
Name 笹原野々花 (Sasahara Nonoka)
Authority Students
School Seiou Academy
Year Third
Age 18
Birthday September 13th
Horoscope Virgo
Blood Type O
Height 164cm
Weight 47kg
Three Sizes B90/W58/H89
Favorite Subject English
Extracurricular Pottery Club
Hobbies Bird Watching and Bath Salt Collecting
Favorite Food French Toast
Hated Food Oysters
CV Haruka Tomatsu


"Yes, I'm Nonoka Sasahara, but... Eh, I lost something? Did you bring it? Thank you so much"


She has a fluffy and healing atmosphere. She is a third year student in the ceramic art club. Nonoka's glamorous and has a great style, but she is not aware of it, and she shows the sweetness of her attitude everywhere and annoys others. She helps her grandfather's coffee shop, but her cooking skills are subpar.