Koruri Tokitani

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Koruri Tokitani
Koruri 1.png
Character Information
Name 時谷小瑠璃 (Tokitani Koruri)
Type POP
Authority Students
School Seiou Academy
Year Third
Age 17
Birthday November 29th
Horoscope Sagittarius
Blood Type B
Height 148cm
Weight 43kg
Three Sizes B73/W57/H78
Favorite Subject Home Economics
Extracurricular Handicrafts Club
Hobbies Designing Fashion, Especially Dresses
Favorite Food Madeleine
Hated Food Pineapple, Pilaf, Raisins, & Sweet and Sour Pork
CV Yukari Tamura


「…う~ん? そこのきみ。…そうきみだ。ふむふむ、なるほど…こんなところかな。きみ、身長と体重は? …そうか、よし。それでは、後で手芸部部室まできたまえ。」


"Head of the Handicrafts Club, In contrary to her petite, adorable appearance she had a bold and assertive personality. Her hobby is a dress-up clothing design, which are already also worked as a professional designer." (Official Setting)

A 3rd year who is the head of the Handicrafts Club, she is considerably as the shortest of all 3rd cast.