Kanata Amatsu

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Kanata Amatsu
Kanata 1.png
Character Information
Name 天都かなた (Amatsu Kanata)
Authority Students
School Seiou Academy
Year Third
Age 17
Birthday September 17th
Horoscope Virgo
Blood Type O
Height 162cm
Weight 49kg
Three Sizes B85/W54/H80
Favorite Subject Modern Literature
Extracurricular Student Council
Hobbies Ordering From Mail Order Catalogs & Drinking Tea
Favorite Food Black Honey Mochi
Hated Food Tom Yum
CV Kikuko Inoue


Third-year student and the Student Council President, she has a gentle and easy going personality who is extremely popular, but lacks the "authority" of a leader as can be seen in her 1st card whom the player met her for the 1st time. It is also that 1st year Mutsumi Shigino, whom takes care the decisions that she can't handle. In the anime the position has been replaced by Risa Shinomiya. She is kind and calm but very naive. She is indecisive and basically useless in practical work, but since no one will refuse her requests she is an important asset for the student council.