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Documentation for Walkthrough Infobox.

Basically the same as a normal infobox, except that this box is specialized for use on the Walkthrough pages, so that users can easily identify whether or not the page is currently a part of the walkthrough project.

Links to the current, next, and previous page can be specified by passing into the parameters CurrentPage, NextPage, and PreviousPage.

For example, a template of the following with the current page as "Template:Walkthrough Infobox/doc", next page as "Walkthrough" and previous page as none can be created as follows:

{{Walkthrough Infobox|CurrentPage=[[Template:Walkthrough Infobox/doc]]|NextPage=[[Walkthrough]]|PreviousPage=There is no previous page}}

As you can see, the infobox shows up at the right of this screen.

For more information on how infoboxes work, check out Template:Infobox.