Yae Sanjo

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Yae Sanjo
Yae Profile.png
Character Information
Name 三条八重 (Sanjo Yae)
Authority Students
School Saga Tsubaki High School
Year Third
Age 18
Birthday June 4th
Horoscope Gemini
Blood Type AB
Height 152cm
Weight 46kg
Three Sizes B80/W55/H84
Favorite Subject Classic Literature
Extracurricular Dance Club
Hobbies Dancing & Practicing Hospitality
Favorite Food Higashi
Hated Food Food in Kanto-style Seasoning
CV Kana Ueda


Upper-class girl from Kyoto. She looks elegant and graceful but may also seem mean-spirited because of the "ikezu" culture (Kyotoite tendency to make critical remarks veiled as compliments). From a young age she has been instructed in all kinds of culture and arts by her grandmother who used to be a famous geisha. She is harsh towards uninvited guests but earnest to proper ones.