Umi Takara

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Umi Takara
Umi takara profile.png
Character Information
Name 高良美海 (Takara Umi)
Type POP
Authority Students
School Saga Tsubaki High School
Year Second
Age 17
Birthday August 8th
Horoscope Leo
Blood Type AB
Height 150cm
Weight 48kg
Three Sizes B82/W59/H80
Favorite Subject ???
Extracurricular Other
Hobbies Singing & Dancing; Banquets; Shamisen
Favorite Food Sata Andagi
Hated Food Tofu
CV Tomoyo Kurosawa


She is a second-year student at Tamamiya High School and has a twin sister. She is comparatively steady though she is as active as Miku, and it is miumi's role to look for the lost miku. She likes singing and painting, and has a soft side to artists. Umi believes in her sister's intuition, and basically leave it up to miku to do what she wants.