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Not to be confused with [[:{{{1}}}]].
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{{Distinguish | foo}}
Not to be confused with foo.
{{Distinguish | foo | bar}}
Not to be confused with foo or bar.
{{Distinguish | foo | bar | baz}}
Not to be confused with foo, bar, or baz.

This hatnote is generally used when there is an ambiguity that is not necessarily literal, but one that can be reasonably assumed to exist for a portion of the readership substantial enough to warrant a hatnote. When applying it, care should be taken to avoid trivial uses.


See also

  • {{Distinguish2}}, for multiple disambiguation targets or prepending "the".
  • {{About}}, if the page title does (without misspelling) describe the other target (since the user is then aided by a clear statement of how the page's topic differs from the other target's topic).

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