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Link title Listing of current events will begin after more content is added to the wiki, namely the descriptions of the various event types. There will also be an Event Archive page in the future, where past events can be dumped. This page is to hold only events that are currently taking place.



Cheers (かけ声) are the cards' active skills, and every playable card of R or greater rarity, except for cards that have been made Rs through evolution, has one. Each cheer has three elements: an effect, a trigger condition, and a trigger probability. Each card's cheer begins at Level 1 and may be raised to a maximum of Level 10 by feeding it either duplicates of the base card or "Ema Fukami" sensei cards.

Effect Description
スコア+__ +__ bonus to score
スタミナ__回復 Recover __ stamina
__秒間「超いいね!」秒間判定(少/大)UP Increase timing window for "Very good!" hits by a (slight/great) amount for __ seconds
Trigger condition Description
リズムサイン__個目ごと Every __ notes
__秒経過ごと Whenever __ seconds have elapsed
Trigger probability Description
発声確率__% __% chance of skill triggering whenever the trigger condition is met

Lead skills

Lead skills (リードスキル) are the cards' passive skills, which can be used by placing a card in the lead position in the unit selection menu. So far, they all give the unit a boost to a certain performance attribute. The attribute that is boosted depends on the card's own attribute, and the degree of the boost depends on the card's base rarity, meaning that an SR created through evolution would give a smaller boost than a 1-star or 2-star SR.

Lead skill Description
(ピンク/オレンジ/イエロー/グリーン/ブルー)のパフォーマンス力(小/中/大)UP Team's (Pink/Orange/Yellow/Green/Blue) attribute performance (slightly/moderately/greatly) increased