Nae Yuki

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Nae Yuki
Nae 1.png
Character Information
Name 優木苗 (Yuuki Nae)
Authority Students
School Seiou Academy
Year First
Age 15
Birthday March 31st
Horoscope Aries
Blood Type O
Height 143cm
Weight 42kg
Three Sizes B68/W53/H70
Favorite Subject Home Economics
Extracurricular Handicrafts Club
Hobbies Knitted Plushie Collection
Favorite Food Strawberries
Hated Food Raisins
CV Rina Hidaka


A freshman in the handicraft club. She likes cute things, and her room is full of stuffed animals, regardless of whether it's her own or other's work. Her personality is pure, regardless of her young appearance. Because she's too obedient, it is also possible for her to make a remark that freezes the air of the place.