Mitsuko Kaito

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Mitsuko Kaito
Mitsuko 1.png
Character Information
Name 皆藤蜜子 (Kaito Mitsuko)
Authority Students
School Seiou Academy
Year Third
Age 18
Birthday September 1st
Horoscope Virgo
Blood Type AB
Height 168cm
Weight 53kg
Three Sizes B100/W58/H85
Favorite Subject Classic Literature
Extracurricular Calligraphy Club
Hobbies Practicing Calligraphy & Relaxing in Saunas
Favorite Food Bananas
Hated Food None
CV Chiaki Takahashi


She is the owner of the school's largest bust, and is a calligrapher who sprinkles excessive color. While the four-letter idiom is often used for conversation, there are also many words and actions that make the surroundings feel like they're going to get kicked out. She is close to the younger students, and often acts together with them.