Mikoto Kanzaki

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Mikoto Kanzaki
Mikoto 1.png
Character Information
Name 神崎ミコト (Kanzaki Mikoto)
Authority Teachers
School Seiou Academy
Year None
Age Secret
Birthday June 6th
Horoscope Gemini
Blood Type B
Height 168cm
Weight 53kg
Three Sizes B91/W58/H88
Favorite Subject Health Care & Physical Education
Extracurricular Nurse
Hobbies Collecting Teddy Bears & Drinking Beer
Favorite Food Tempura Soba
Hated Food Bran Confectioneries
CV Yu Kobayashi


She is the head nurse of Seiou Academy. Mikoto is pretty seductive and love to tease boys to the point of embarrassing them, while she is out of the ordinary she is popular among the student body. She prefers beer on tap, and her colleague Kaoru Arai is her drinking buddy.