Makoto Hiragi

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Makoto Hiragi
Makoto 1.png
Character Information
Name 柊真琴 (Hiragi Makoto)
Authority Students
School Seiou Academy
Year First
Age 16
Birthday November 22nd
Horoscope Sagittarius
Blood Type A
Height 148cm
Weight 42kg
Three Sizes B85/W63/H83
Favorite Subject Home Economics
Extracurricular Going Home Club
Hobbies Baking & Hanging Out With Her Seniors
Favorite Food Anmitsu
Hated Food Dry Curry
CV Miho Arakawa


A spoiled but very friendly first year student. She's short and a little plump, as well as a dedicated and hardworking person that tries her best all the time. She's got a knack for making sweets.