Isuki Ishida

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Isuki Ishida
Isuki Ishida 1.png
Character Information
Name 石田いすき (Ishida Isuki)
Type POP
Authority Students
School Seiou Academy
Year Second
Age 17
Birthday May 10th
Horoscope Taurus
Blood Type A
Height 146cm
Weight 45kg
Three Sizes B69/W55/H74
Favorite Subject Geoscience
Extracurricular Geology Club
Hobbies Digging Up Fossils and Die-Cutting
Favorite Food Lollipops
Hated Food Water
CV Chiaki Omigawa


She's a second-year student in the Faculty of Geochi, who is single-mindedly focused on fossils and ancient creatures. She is bright and energetic, & she always smiles. The tension increases further when the fossils are seen. The amonite of the hair ornament is important to her As relations progress, she evolves.