Hibiki Toyonaga

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Hibiki Toyonaga
Hibiki Profile.png
Character Information
Name 豊永日々喜 (Toyonaga Hibiki)
Type POP
Authority Students
School Saga Tsubaki High School
Year Third
Age 17
Birthday February 13th
Horoscope Aquarius
Blood Type A
Height 160cm
Weight 42kg
Three Sizes B74/W56/H73
Favorite Subject Mathematics
Extracurricular Dance Club
Hobbies Architecture; Observing Rooms With Strange Floor Plans
Favorite Food Kobe Beef
Hated Food Natto
CV Ai Nonaka


A third grader in Sagatsubaki senior high school. A lady born in Osaka. Although bright and cheerful, she observes things carefully, and she is a dependable person in need. She is the arbiter of Anette and Sanjo who have quarrel frequently. Her motto is “The courage of acting stupid and the kindness of pointing out.”