Ema Fukami

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Ema Fukami
Ema Profile.png
Character Information
Name 深見絵真 (Fukami Ema)
Authority Teachers
School Seiou Academy
Year None
Age Secret
Birthday November 12
Horoscope Scorpio
Blood Type A
Height 164cm
Weight 44kg
Three Sizes B72/W52/H82
Favorite Subject World History
Extracurricular Rhythmic Gymnastics
Hobbies Art Appreciation and Rhythmic Gymnastics
Favorite Food Pickled Food
Hated Food Fried Food
CV Noriko Hidaka


Her subject is world history. A gentle older sister-like teacher who is adored by students and relies on them. When she was a student, she was also a player, so Ema became an advisor to the rhythmic gymnastics club. The guidance policy is to have fun. She is very careful about her meals and boasts that she still wears clothes from her school days.