Asuka Ukihashi

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Asuka Ukihashi
Asuka Profile.png
Character Information
Name 浮橋明日香 (Ukihashi Asuka)
Authority Students
School Shousei High School
Year Second
Age 17
Birthday May 4
Horoscope Taurus
Blood Type A
Height 152cm
Weight 37kg
Three Sizes B81/W55/H79
Favorite Subject ???
Extracurricular Dance Club
Hobbies Eating Sweets
Favorite Food Strawberry Daifuku
Hated Food Anything Spicy
CV Misaki Kuno


A second-year student at Seisei High School who looks like a mascot, and was raised by her grandmother. She has a bitter side but loves Japanese confectionery more than western-style confectionery. She has a problem with talking to senior students who she often clashes.