Akiho Shigeto

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Akiho Shigeto
Akiho 1.png
Character Information
Name 重藤秋穂 (Shigeto Akiho)
Authority Students
School Seiou Academy
Year Third
Age 18
Birthday September 10th
Horoscope Virgo
Blood Type A
Height 169cm
Weight 48kg
Three Sizes B78/W57/H82
Favorite Subject Classic Literature
Extracurricular Archery Club
Hobbies Meditation
Favorite Food Cream Croquettes
Hated Food Watermelon
CV Megumi Toyoguchi


A third year student that is the President of the Archery Club. She has a "cool beauty" type of appearance and has a high amount of popularity among other girls. A very down-to-Earth girl, she tends to get lost in thought and worries about vague things.


Akiho Shigeto in the GF Kari anime.