1st Championship

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A new event that was released at March 22. It features a new system with is somewhat similar to PVP and Classroom.

The event will be revolve in a series of matches, starting with a PVP match then boss battle then another PVP match, which it repeats 2 times until facing the event boss. Successfully defeating (motivating) her, clears the round and it starts all over again.

Unlike previous events, it doesn't uses any Energy/Stamina in this event.


Championship PVP.png

Unlike previous events, you'll be using a much larger deck (with a bigger party) against another player. The rules are the same as before.

Before starting it, you can choose how much energy to spend to boost.

The time limit before it expires is 30 minutes, giving the player some time to go in the Quest Panel to able to recover the stamina.

Boss Battle

Championship BossBattle.png

After the PVP battle, a notification which the Boss Battle will appear.


  • [チアダンス16]森園芽以 (SR)

MAX攻: 9701 MAX守: 8511 The main reward of the event. You'll be need in the top rankings to get her (and her copies)

  • [チアダンス16]芙来田伊吹 (SR)

MAX攻: 9118
MAX守: 8324
This card can be gain in 4 different ways:

  • 116950 pts in charisma pt achieve
    • Gaining 60 Medals
    • Gaining 80 Medals
    • Individual rankings 5000 place
  • [チアダンス16]押井知 (HR)