Yuzuko Hazuki

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Yuzuko Hazuki
Yuzuko 1.png
Character Information
Name 葉月柚子 (Hazuki Yuzuko)
Type POP
Authority Students
School Seiou Academy
Year First
Age 16
Birthday June 16th
Horoscope Gemini
Blood Type O
Height 153cm
Weight 44kg
Three Sizes B79/W56/H80
Favorite Subject Geography
Extracurricular Lacrosse Club
Hobbies Exercising & Collecting Seals
Favorite Food Yakitori
Hated Food Onions
CV Kaori Ishihara


A first year that belong to the Lacrosse Club. She has impressive reflexes and always in lively, cheerful mood whom often makes noise when everyone is gather around. But in truth she is lonely. Becomes friends with Momoko in a certain event in the game. Shown well in the anime.