Nagiko Kurokawa

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Nagiko Kurokawa
Nagiko 1.png
Character Information
Name 黒川凪子 (Kurokawa Nagiko)
Authority Students
School Seiou Academy
Year Second
Age 16
Birthday February 2nd
Horoscope Aquarius
Blood Type B
Height 158cm
Weight 48kg
Three Sizes B79/W56/H81
Favorite Subject Music
Extracurricular Light Music Club
Hobbies Being Punk & Collecting Figures
Favorite Food Dokupe (Dr.Pepper)
Hated Food Green Peas
CV Saori Goto


"Ah, what are you doing? What is it? Are you interested in music? Well, let's talk about something. Come here. I'm Kurokawa. Please, let's get to know each other."

A 2nd year whom affiliated to the Light Music Club. She played the bass guitar for their all-female band "Neuron ★ Cream Soft." Whom the player supported them. Has a calm personality, but when she is on "punk-style", her personality changes especially on stage performance. She also prefers punk and heavy metal music. Loves to drink Dr.Pepper to a point she drinks 12 cans a day.