Momoko Asahina

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Momoko Asahina
Momoko 1.png
Character Information
Name 朝比奈桃子 (Asahina Momoko)
Authority Students
School Seiou Academy
Year First
Age 16
Birthday July 19th
Horoscope Cancer
Blood Type O
Height 145cm
Weight 44kg
Three Sizes B75/W58/H78
Favorite Subject Music
Extracurricular Light Music Club
Hobbies Collecting Seals & Playing Music
Favorite Food Ramune
Hated Food Bitter Gourds
CV Yui Ogura


A Freshman in the Light Music Club that plays the keyboard. She started learning the piano under the influence of her music-loving parents. She's good friends with the rest of the members of the Light Music Club, especially Nagiko Kurokawa. While honest & supportive of her friends she can be easily deceived. Her family runs a liquor store next to Yuzuko Hazuki's parents' soba restaurant. The two are great friends.