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File:No.14035.jpg| Model Experience+
File:No.14035.jpg| Model Experience+
File:今の時刻はMichiru.jpg| 今の時刻は
File:今の時刻はMichiru.jpg| 今の時刻は
File:14286.jpeg| Soap 20

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Michiru Tomura
Michiru 1.png
Character Information
Name 戸村美知留 (Tomura Michiru)
Type POP
Authority Students
School Seiou Academy
Year Second
Age 16
Birthday June 26th
Horoscope Cancer
Blood Type B
Height 162cm
Weight 48kg
Three Sizes B85/W58/H87
Favorite Subject Home Economics
Extracurricular Going Home Club
Hobbies Making Costumes and Impersonating People
Favorite Food Ramen
Hated Food Green Juice
CV Asumi Kana