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File:聞いた話と Kurumi.jpg| 聞いた話と
File:聞いた話と Kurumi.jpg| 聞いた話と
File:Kurumiマリンセーラー20.jpeg| Mariner 20
File:Kurumiマリンセーラー20.jpeg| Mariner 20
File:KurumiMariner20+.jpeg| Mariner 20+
File:Kurumi潮風セレモニー.jpeg| 潮風セレモニー
File:Kurumi潮風セレモニー.jpeg| 潮風セレモニー

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Kurumi Eto
Kurumi Eto 1.png
Character Information
Name 江藤くるみ (Eto Kurumi)
Type POP
Authority Students
School Seiou Academy
Year First
Age 15
Birthday February 20th
Horoscope Pisces
Blood Type O
Height 155cm
Weight 48kg
Three Sizes B78/W60/H80
Favorite Subject Music
Extracurricular Light Music Club
Hobbies Music Appreciation
Favorite Food Ice Cream
Hated Food Red Peppers
CV Aya Suzaki




A 1st year in charge of the guitar in the girl band of Light Music Club's "Neuron ★ Cream Soft".

Has a brilliant fast playing techniques. Although at start she isn't good at until later.(Shown by her 1st card)

She has a bright and positive personality, and doesn't mind the little failure she or her fellow club-members. Looks on Nagiko in high regards and has good terms with senior students.