Chloe Lemaire

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Chloe Lemaire
Chloe Lemaire 1.png
Character Information
Name クロエ・ルメール (Chloe Lemaire)
Authority Students
School Seiou Academy
Year Third
Age 17
Birthday March 8th
Horoscope Pisces
Blood Type O
Height 167cm
Weight 49kg
Three Sizes B86/W60/H88
Favorite Subject Art
Extracurricular Japanese Culture Research Association
Hobbies Traveling To Various Temples & Shrines Across Japan
Favorite Food Sushi
Hated Food Pickled Vegetables
CV Sakura Tange


A girl from France who loves Japanese Culture, she appeared in the trailer with the caption of "Pro-Japanese Foreigner". Because of her great interest in Japanese Culture, she made a club dedicated to it. Unlike the Russian Yulia Valkova, Chloe speaks Japanese more fluently.


Chloe Lemaire in the GF Kari anime's opening.