Chiyori Nabeshima

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Chiyori Nabeshima
Chiyori 1.png
Character Information
Name 鍋島ちより (Nabeshima Chiyori)
Authority Students
School Seiou Academy
Year Third
Age 17
Birthday January 21st
Horoscope Aquarius
Blood Type O
Height 159cm
Weight 46kg
Three Sizes B81/W62/H83
Favorite Subject Home Economics
Extracurricular Cooking Club
Hobbies Cooking Rice in as Many Ways as Possible
Favorite Food Meat & Potatoes
Hated Food None
CV Manami Hanawa


"A kappo-gi suits me better than a uniform"

A third-year student in the cooking club. She is a third-year student in the cooking club and is more like a mother than a sister. She is good not only at cooking but at housework in general. She is worried that she is not seen as a high school girl because of her calm and reserved appearance.