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Documentation for Walkthrough Infobox.

Basically the same as a normal infobox, except that this box is specialized for use on the Walkthrough pages, so that users can easily identify whether or not the page is currently a part of the walkthrough project.

Links to the current, next, and previous page can be specified by passing into the parameters CurrentPage, NextPage, and PreviousPage.

For example, a template of the following with the current page as "Template:Walkthrough Infobox/doc", next page as "Walkthrough" and previous page as none can be created as follows:

{{Walkthrough Infobox|CurrentPage=[[Template:Walkthrough Infobox/doc]]|NextPage=[[Walkthrough]]|PreviousPage=There is no previous page}}
Card Game Walkthrough
Template:Walkthrough Infobox/doc
Walkthrough Project
Next Page
Previous Page
There is no previous page
Walkthrough Navigation
Walkthrough Project

As you can see, the infobox shows up at the right of this screen.

For more information on how infoboxes work, check out Template:Infobox.