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Here, we list all the songs available for play in the rhythm game in an image gallery format! All the music jackets for the songs will be listed here. You can click on a jacket to be taken to the song's detail page for more information about the song, including stuff like advantage center girls, lyrics, reward requirements, and more.

There are three main playable categories of music: Side-A Songs (normal, unlock them as you level up), Side-B Songs (daily/weekly songs that rotate out every so often), and Special Songs (songs that must be unlocked via an alternative method). Note that only Easy/Normal/Hard difficulties are available in Side-A. The expert (very hard) versions of the songs in Side-A can be found in daily/weekly rotation in Side-B.

There are also a few more additional categories of music: Limited (songs that were only available for play during a certain time period, such as an event or a seasonal reason) and Unreleased (songs that have been announced but not yet released).

The songs listed below will be ordered by their in-game ordering. You can find this order when you press on the "Next Music" icon on the home screen. Note that songs included in both Side-A and Side-B will only show up under Side-A in order to avoid clutter and unnecessary repetition. For more information about a song, click on its image cover!

For a different, list representation of all the available songs that contains basic information about the songs, try the Songs page! This one lists all the songs and gives a brief, simple description for each.






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