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What is a Gift?

Gifts can be all types of consumable items such as Cards, Event Items, Garu, Friendship Points, Rings, and Tickets that are sent to your Gift Box inventory and are stored for later claim.

How do I get a Gift?

You can obtain gifts from daily login bonuses, events, gachapon, dating girls, jobs, and more!

How do I see my Gifts?

On some devices, there are three bars in the top left corner which may be pressed to bring up the side screen. From there, click ギフトBOX to see what gifts you've received. Alternatively, you may go to the Menu Button on the Top Right and click the button with ギフト and a present icon.

How do I claim my Gifts?

In the main Gift Box page, click the Pink Button, まとめて受け取る, to claim all your gifts at once. If you wish to claim only certain gifts, click the Pink button next to each one. If you have reached the limit of how many cards you may have at one time, you cannot claim any cards until you have enough space.

How do I see which Gifts I have claimed?

In the main Gift Box page, click on the blue button next to ギフト, 受取履歴, to see which gifts you have previously received.